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EuroStats is originally the project of two computer science students who love the Europa-Park theme park. However, the project has been helped several times by other fans, thanks to them!

The website sees a significant change take place in 2022. It is indeed completely redone to be faster and easier to maintain. This new version also brings translations in English and German.

Many days could not be recorded for technical reasons. We're trying our best for the future ones!

Such statistics make it possible to know when and why the park's attendance is low or high. Every day, more than 1,800 waiting times are recorded for all the attractions

Several pages are available to analyze the statistics: the average pages and the calendar. The averages allow you to see which attractions are the most popular, at what time, and on which day of the week! The calendar allows you to see the effect of vacations or public holidays.

Thanks to these people for their contributions:

  • Vivien "laplonge" Douche
  • Maël "hatrix" Le Garrec
  • Cédric "Worms" Rudareanu
  • Lilian "Hook" Guenat